Last line of defence

Security Awareness Training

Security awareness is critical for all businesses today. 

Do your employees know how to pick up on spam? 

Would they know the difference between a viral email and a legitimate link? 

Would they know what to do if a virus hits their computer?

Many don’t!

At Otilas, we help your business to empower employees and create awareness when it comes to data security. Our Security Awareness Training teaches staff how to detect malicious emails and pick up on unusual computer behavior to prevent damage to the company’s data. If a virus is caught on their computer, employees will be trained on what to do and when and who to notify to prevent the virus from spreading onto the computer of other users within the business.

Our clients find this training very effective and have peace of mind that their staff will know what to do should they experience any security issues.

To find out more about how our Security Awareness Training or to speak to one of our friendly team members call us on 1300 793 707.