Managed Security

Firewall & Secure WiFi

Protect your network

Protecting your IT network is crucial to keeping unwanted attacks and threats from your internal network.

Otilas offers a range of security services to help protect your business network from external threats, we have partnered with leading security vendors to ensure that the solutions that we implement in your business match industry standards.

What is a Managed Security Service

Security As A Service is managed service that monitors a business network in real-time 24x7x365 for security threats. Securing a businesses network is the most important asset to a business other than its staff, if a businesses network is compromised than its data and business integrity can cause significant loss to the business.

Our managed security services enable us to provide management of a businesses network from security threats, some of our services include; Managed Firewall, Managed VPN, Managed Intrusion Detection, and Managed Vulnerability. For businesses that do not have internal IT resources to deal with this can benefit from having a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) provide this level of service.

How will my business benefit from Managed Security Services?

Most SMB’s acknowledge that they find it difficult or lack the internal expertise to deal with security threats on a daily basis. Even many businesses with internal IT departments often lack the time and resources to keep on top of security as their resources are often stretched within the business, leaving security as a low priority.

Our managed security services provide a benefit to any business environment, we have the infrastructure and tools required to manage your network, we monitor networks 24x7x365 and provide a monthly report detailing all security threats. Even clients who have internal IT resources in their business choose to use our managed security services as it allows their IT resource to focus on other operational areas within the business rather than monitoring and managing security.

We have a dedicated team of security engineers that understand what it takes to ensure that your network is protected from security threats, businesses that use our managed security services save on costs and spend a fraction of what they would normally spend if they were to perform this level of service themselves internally.

Speak to one of our friendly team members to discuss your security requirements and how our Security As A Service program will fit your business.