Email Filtering

Safeguard your emails

Safeguard your business

Email filtering has become more and more important for today’s businesses. Safeguard your business by safeguarding its emails and confidential communications.

Email goes beyond simply communicating, because it records day-to-day business interactions with key stakeholders. It is also one of the largest and most valuable information resources of todays day-to-day business. As well as keeping this information safe our Email Archive service offers many legal, technical and financial advantages.

Legal Precaution for Email Compliance

Due to regulations regarding email compliance and eDiscovery. The inability to produce an email trail when needed could result in fines, court sanctions and loss of credibility. The Email Archive safely stores all your emails in an accessible, yet tamper proof environment, therefore eliminating such risks.

Lower IT costs by reducing workload of email servers

Think about how many emails you receive in a day. This amount is continuously growing. This high volume of emails is increasing storage requirements and complex backup processes for companies. This places an enormous strain on IT departments and their budgets. With Otilas’ Email Archive, we carry the load for you.

Total protection against data loss of exposure

Email Archive stores all emails instantly, so that your business will never lose important information due to technical errors or user negligence. You can also have peace of mind that your data is kept confidential. Although we are responsible for storing and maintaining your emails, we do not have direct access to the email content.
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Avoid Complexity and Costs!

Otilas’ Email Archive minimises the effort involved in properly archiving your mail. We provide expert assistance every step of the way. We implement a short set-up process, and maintain the archiving operation as a managed service.

There are many benefits to choosing our system:

  • Fast Search: allowing users fast and easy access to the archive increasing productivity
  • One-Click Restore: allowing rapid and fast recovery from the archive
  • Centralisation of Distributed Emails: enabling all company emails to be stored in one location
  • Access via Microsoft Outlook: providing employees with a familiar interface
  • Access via web browsers: smartphones and tablets 
  • Unlimited storage and retention: meaning nothing is ever lost or deleted
  • A Fully Operational Archive for Every Customer: your data is not stored together with data belonging to other companies in an overarching archiving solution. Instead, a separate, independent archive instance will be created for every customer.

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