Hardware as a Service

Would you like your Business to have access to the latest hardware without the need for capital investment.

Business is always looking for ways to manage cash flow within the business, now there are ways for businesses no matter whether they are small, medium, or enterprise to gain access to the latest hardware without huge investment. Hardware as a service now allows businesses the opportunity to replace equipment faster and bundle it with warranty and support.

What is Hardware As A Service

Hardware As A Service (HaaS) is a cloud model that allows businesses to access technology without the need for large capital investment. Technology changes at a rapid pace and often businesses are not able to keep up with such changes unless they have the money for such investment. As infrastructure and computers age so do the costs to maintain such equipment, hence why there is a new option available to businesses who want to make use of the latest technologies without the huge capital investment.

Save Money while still gaining access to the latest Technology

That is the benefit of HaaS, your business saves money as it does not need to budget or worry about high expenses to fix or replace IT equipment when it unexpectedly fails. It also provides businesses with the ability to always ensure that their equipment is up to date as it is replaced at regular intervals.

This is especially ideal for SMBs where budget often prevents them from access to the latest technology that enables them to be competitive. Otilas’s HaaS program allows clients to obtain hardware under a lease or finance agreement without any capital investment needed, move your business into an OPEX model with our HaaS program and discover how this type of model can have a positive impact on your businesses cash flow.

How does it work

Our HaaS program is easy, simple, and cost effective; you pay a single monthly fee that covers all the IT equipment that your business needs to operate. We provide servers, desktop PC’s, routers, switches, software and much more.

All equipment that we provide under the HaaS program comes complete with warranty, support and our management fees for the duration of the contract. There are no extra hidden charges and you get a complete fixed monthly fee.

Our contract terms for hardware-as-a-service start at 24 months with flexibility for 36, and 48 months.

Find out more..

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