Backup & Recovery

A solution that backs up your data locally, replicates it to a secured off-site storage and allows fast recovery, all this for a monthly cost.

Traditional backup methods are old and no longer meet the needs of business today, and external drives attached to your infrastructure are inefficient and guaranteed to fail at some point in their life cycle. Secured off-site backup in the cloud is the new way to ensure that your important business data is all safe and secure.

What is Backup & Recovery As A Service

Backup and Recovery As A Service provides businesses with a more robust solution compared to traditional backup methods and allows flexibility and scalability as business demands require.

Using a combination of on-site hardware and your existing network infrastructure we add an additional layer to your backup process which provides the benefit of off-site storage without the manual process. Storing you data in a secure off-site location not only provides an extra layer of protecting your business data, it also provides a Disaster Recovery solution for your business that can be engaged if your business experiences a disastrous event. This process is designed to minimize the down-time and allow your business to be operational again quickly.

What you can expect with Backup & Recovery As A Service.

When you engage Otilas to provide Backup & Recovery As A Service we will provide you with;

  • Allocated cloud based storage for your data
  • Installation and configuration of a backup machine that will perform and manage the backups jobs
  • Subscription based license of backup software
  • Configuration of cloud based storage environment for data replication
  • Unlimited data restores
  • Provision of virtual environment for Disaster Recovery
  • Monthly detailed reports of your backups

What are the benefits of Backup & Recovery As A Service

Using our Backup & Recovery As A Service will provide your business with the following benefits;

  • More robust solution for your backups and increased reliability
  • Move from CAPEX to OPEX structure
  • No more reliance on tape solutions
  • Can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure
  • No more reliance on staff to change backup tapes or swap external USB drives
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Visible monthly costs

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