School Chromebook Rollout

Google Chromebook roll-out for Sydney Japanese International School

Sydney Japanese International School (SJIS) were looking for an IT partner who could assist with the roll-out of a structured environment for their Google Chromebooks to be used within their existing Google Apps education environment.


Sydney Japanese International School had just purchased a number of Google Chromebook devices which they were intending to roll-out to their year 5 and 6 classes, they required IT services to help them implement and structure a deployment process that was easier and efficient without the need to always have an on-site IT person to setup the Chromebooks and publish the applications to the students and teachers.

As the school was also starting to move to more digital based classroom education methods they also required a solution that worked together with the Chromebook’s and Google Apps Education where they could easily deploy and manage the student curriculum. This included tasks such as;

  • Deployment of Chromebook settings based on student class year curriculum
  • Auto deployment of applications to students based on class year and curriculum
  • Setup of Google Classroom for teachers to create classroom-based training Modifying Google Apps Education settings to better control what the students could access and perform within the Google platform.
  • Chromebook devices needed the ability to be used in either English or Japanese language modes


Using Chrome device management, we were able to setup and implement an environment that allowed the Chromebook devices as well as applications to be managed from a cloud-based administration console.

Using chrome device management – education subscription license

We implemented a solution using a combination of Chrome device management as well Google Apps administration to create an environment that allowed the following;

  • Chromebook devices automatically deployed/updated settings and applications when a student logged into the Chromebook device
  • Core applications where pinned to the taskbar on the Chromebook during the login process
  • A standard set of bookmarks created for each individual year and class Students and Teachers did not need to know the wireless network credentials as the Chromebook devices were automatically joined to the respective network when the students signed in
  • All settings and applications are managed remotely via cloud-based administration portal
  • Google Apps settings are all managed via specifically created organisational units which control access, permissions, and relevant settings.


As a result of the Chromebook roll-out project we have been able to equip Sydney Japanese International School with a platform that enables them to build and grow their educational learning systems using digital rather than traditional learning methods.

The main benefits SJIS is now experiencing as a result includes;

  • SJIS is now equipped from a technology perspective to make maximum use of technology within their learning curriculum’s for both English and Japanese streams
  • Chromebook devices along with all student and application settings can now be deployed to the devices without any intervention or requirement to have an IT resource perform this work manually on-site
  • Ongoing IT Support costs are kept low, especially since the school has no full-time IT staff
  • Time to procure a Chromebook and deploy it to a student are much faster than previously. Teachers and Administration staff can perform the task to assign a Chromebook to a student.
  • All student data is securely backed up within the Google Apps Education platform real-time, meaning there is minimal risk of data loss if hardware fails
  • If a Chromebook needs to be “power washed” all previously data is resynced upon next login

If you are an educational institution looking to either deploy solutions based around Google Chromebook’s and/or Google Apps Education, please reach out and complete our Get in touch page. One of our solution experts will be happy to discuss your requirements with you and offer recommendation’s to implement a suitable solution for your educational facility just like we have done for Sydney Japanese International School.