Robotic Automation

Managed Private Cloud

Managed Private Cloud replaces ageing Infratructure for Robotic Automation

Robotic Automation were running old servers that we prone to hard drive failures, the organisation already started using cloud services and we interested at the aspect of moving other aspects of IT into a virtual private cloud.


Robotic Automation had ageing servers and were using ADSL2+ services in both their Sydney and Melbourne office. On top of this they were running a VPN between the sites which was un-realible.

Both locations were effectively operating as standalone and were not able to share data amongst each other and between the sites.


Newly appointed CFO of Robotic Automation Eric Ripps previously had a working relationship with Otilas and decided to get them in to see what the options were and how the IT systems could be more streamlined and reduce the complexities or sharing data amongst the users within the organisation.

After initial discussions and weighing up the options for replacing the current infrastructure, Otilas Managing Director Ben Choy proposed that Robotic Automation move their core infrastructure into a private cloud environment since Robotic Automation had already started using cloud services such as Office 365 for email.

The solution involved a private cloud comprising on Active Directory and File and Print Servers, existing internet connections were upgrade to Ethernet over Copper in order to support the traffic and data access in the private cloud. IP-SEC site-site VPN’s were also secured by Watchguard UTM appliances to ensure that access to the internal LAN environments were secured at all times.


One of the main benefits of implementing a private cloud hosted on Otilas’s infrastructure was that it enabled Robotic Automation to move from a CAPEX to OPEX operating model for their IT, no longer did they budget for expensive IT infrastructure.

It also means that Robotic Automation engineers no longer need to be involved in managing the day-to-day IT within the organisation as Otilas has also assumed responsibility of this as part the the infrastructure arrangement, this means engineers can focus on the core business needs and leave the IT and day-to-day operations to the IT experts.

Since implementing the private cloud solution and hosted infrastructure the Robotic Automation Group have been able to collaborate with each other knowing all company data is stored and provided from a single location.