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Corporate Enterprise Solutions (250+ Staff)

As a corporate organisation are struggling to drive operational efficiency within your IT Team, are you looking for the following;

  • New technology to deliver better operational efficiency
  • Hybrid solutions to delivering cost savings and reduce IT Budgets
  • DevOPS processes that will allow you to deliver solutions faster to the business
  • Outsourcing solutions that allow your internal team to focus on delivering roadmaps and projects rather than focusing on BAU

As a corporate enterprise, we get that you already have a dedicated internal IT department looking after your IT, but what we have found from working with corporate IT environments in the past is that internal IT departments are too focused on day-to-day operations and keeping the lights on that projects tend to take a back seat, or corporate IT don’t have the specialised resource to deliver the outcomes of specific projects.

IT resources today are expensive and with a continued focus on scalable IT solutions and the growing presence of IT security, IT budgets are going to increase even more than ever.

Where Otilas can assist and provide value is taking the pressure off internal IT teams so that they can focus on providing more value and delivering outcomes to the business.

Areas where we can assist include;

  • Outsource Service Desk services that deliver BAU operational activities
  • Managed Data Centre Services
  • Specialized Project Services
  • Hardware & Software Procurement Services
  • Managed Firewall and Cyber Security Services

We see ourselves as an extension of your internal IT team, helping you to deliver outcomes which the organisation requires to be competitive in today’s business world.