Virtual CIO/CTO

Does your business have an IT Strategy to match it’s Business Strategy – we take the time to understand your business goals before implementing any IT Strategy

Our virtual CIO services are designed to help businesses develop a strategy for their IT which is aligned with their business goals. It is important that any strategy for IT is aligned with the goals of the business, without this alignment you could up investing in areas of IT that bring no value to your business.

The best IT environments are ones which are a step ahead of the business goals and can be easily adapted to meet any change in business needs. When business goals change the IT environment needs to adapt and change with it, and those businesses that can do this will have a competitive edge within their market. The key to this is developing the right solutions, leveraging the most out of your IT investment, and developing future roadmaps for IT.

Benefits of Virtual CIO

  • Obtain skills & experience without the overhead
  • A trusted business technology advisor that can help develop plans and roadmaps to support business strategy and goals
  • Assist your business with technology solutions to ensure that the business gets a return on its IT investment

Areas where we can assist

By engaging Otilas as a virtual CIO we can help your business in the following areas;

  • Strategy Planning & Reviews
  • Business cases for system upgrades
  • Disaster Planning & Business Continuity Planning
  • IT Project Management
  • Vendor Evaluations & Management
  • Operational Support Strategy