Data Centre & Virtualisation

Is your business looking for ways to decrease it’s physical foot print of servers, save money on IT infrastructure without sacrificing future capacity and growth.

Otilas offers a range of different virtualisation solutions to help businesses consolidate their technology infrastructure, whether you are looking to consolidate physical servers, looking to lower power operating costs, or looking for an infrastructure environment that will allow your business to expand on demand, we can build the right virtualisation environment to suit your business needs.

What is Virtualisation

Virtualisation generally involves taking physical servers and moving them to a shared platform allowing multiple servers to be run simultaneously while sharing resources such as RAM, CPU, Power, and Storage. Aside from the cost savings benefits that virtualisation provides it also allows businesses to save on power and operating costs such as air conditioning.

We are vendor neutral which means that we work with all major technology virtualisations partners such as VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix. Our engineers are certified with the latest virtualisation technologies to ensure that you are delivered the most appropriate virtualisation solution.

Why Virtualise

Apart from saving money on your power bills and cooling costs, virtualisation lowers your physical foot print required to run all your networking and storage equipment associated with your servers. Virtualising your IT infrastructure can help you save up to 50% of your physical space within your data centre.

Virtualisation will also enable you to run multiple operating systems that are independent of hardware at the same time reducing management and overhead costs, while increasing utilization of your environment.

the benefits;

Performance, Reliability & Safe

Enterprise grade technology that resides in secure data centres and managed by our virtualisation experts

Highly Scalable

Virtualisation allows fast scalability and provision of new servers in minutes improving business productivity. An IT environment that can expand as business demands.

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