Virtual Computing

Infrastructure as a Service

Introduce IaaS to the way you work...

At Otilas we can offer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). This is an instant form of cloud computing that allows us to deliver Infrastructure and high-level APIs to our clients relatively quick. This is managed over the internet and allows outsourced IT companies to offer support for computer applications. This is mainly used to improve security, storage and networking.

Introducing IaaS to the way you work have many benefits including cost savings, security and reliability and scalability. 

Cost savings – reducing infrastructure costs as your IT staff are not required to build hardware

Security – hosted on the cloud increasing security

Reliability – improved disaster recovery

Scalability and flexibility – doesn’t limit growth opportunities, in fact create more opportunities for business growth. Can also scale down resources anytime.

Speak to one of our friendly team members to find out more about how we can move you to IaaS.