Disaster Recovery as a Service

Be Smart. Be Prepared.

Many businesses are unprepared for disasters, both natural and man-made, loss of data can create some serious issues for any business.

An increasing number of businesses are moving to Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). DRaaS is a hosting service provided by third-parties to provide back-up in the case of an IT catastrophe. This is a cloud solution that is flexible and scalable allowing business to better manage possible disasters.

DRaaS is a great solution for most small to medium sized businesses. Not only is it more effective than the traditional in-house solutions, it is also less costly.

Some benefits of DRaaS include:

Efficiency – it makes it much easier to be up and running quite quickly. Implementation is faster without the need to wait long periods for hardware installations and testing. The longer it takes for your business to be back up and running after a disaster, the more it will cost.

Save money – DRaaS costs less in the long term as there isn’t the same cost for maintenance and IT support a running it in-house. You will only pay for storage space that you use. Another saving is that the service provider is responsible for data protection for hardward so you will save on this large investment.

Focus on business – it frees up time for your IT team to focus on other business operations. They won’t need to deal with maintenance, testing or disaster recovery planning.

Full System backups with fast recovery options, we use leading industry software vendors to backup both physical and virtual machines and replicate the images to a secure off-site repository. In the event of a disaster we can recover your systems to a certain point of time within minutes.

Backup management is a stressful and time-consuming function for every business. As a Backup as a Service provider we remove the day-to-day struggle of this responsibility, giving you the freedom to focus on your core business. We will transform your current backup procedure into a secure, reliable, fully accessible managed service environment which is housed all within Australian Data Centres guaranteed.

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