Infrastructure as a Service

Deploy computing resources faster than ever before and keep up with the aggressive demands in today’s IT environments with an Infrastructure As A Service solution (IaaS).

Many businesses today are looking at ways to reduce their IT infrastructure costs while improving operational performance, with the rise in cloud computing this it is now possible with a solution known as Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS).

IaaS allows businesses to run agile IT infrastructure in a managed hosting environment without having to worry about the capital expenditure to build, run, and maintain such an environment, less capital expenditure allows business to re-invest their revenue back into business development without compromising on IT.

IaaS Overview

With a Hosted and Managed Infrastructure As A Service environment by Otilas, businesses no longer have to worry about maintaining their own data centres to run their equipment, we provide all the IT infrastructure that your business needs from state-of-the-art data centres at affordable pricing and also scalability when you need it.

IaaS can be configured to operate in Public, Private, and Hybrid environments, the security levels are aligned with business needs and compliance obligations to ensure that your IT systems are secured at all times.

what you get;

  • Scale up & scale down
  • Pay for only the Infrastructure you use by the month
  • New servers can be provisioned quickly without the wait time of new hardware
  • Total management and security of the environment by experienced engineers
  • Daily backups of systems and data
  • Technical Support

Why IaaS

With the growth of cloud computing IaaS is the way of the future when it comes to providing IT infrastructure for your business. With IaaS you know longer have to worry about planning and maintaining aging IT infrastructure within the business, partnering with a IaaS provider like Otilas and your business will reap the benefits IaaS has to offer and have constant access to the latest technologies trends without the capital expense.

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