Cloud Migrations


Let us simplify your transition to the Cloud

Ready to migrate your systems or applications environment to the cloud, but not sure how to start? No need to worry. Our experienced team can help migrate your servers, databases, applications, and email among cloud, dedicated, and virtual environments.

Using our 6 step process we ensure that any migration to the cloud is “Risk Free” and successful. We understand how important business operations are and what effect IT systems being down can have on a business.

Each cloud migration we do is followed using this process, the only variable that changes is the timeline process as this is dependent on the environment and its complexity.

The key to a successful migration to the cloud is PLANNING, a move without a plan is risky and will guarantee downtime within your business.

If your planning to utilise cloud services you must ensure that you partner with a provider who can deliver your business a complete migration roadmap, without it a migration to the cloud is risky.

What can we migrate?


  • Migrate to our public cloud or virtual servers from dedicated servers, virtual servers, and other cloud hosting providers.
  • Upgrade your operating system. For example, we’ll help you move from Windows Server 2003.
  • Migrate images, including your apps and data.


  • Move your apps, including content management systems (CMS), SaaS apps, or bespoke apps.
  • Custom hosting solutions for your applications. For example, WordPress, Drupal, Ruby On Rails


  • We can host your MySQL, MS SQL, or Postgre SQL database.
  • Change or upgrade your databases: move from MySQL to MS SQL, Postgre SQL or vice versa.


  • Migrate from on-premise Microsoft Exchange or compatible email system to Office 365
  • Migrate from on-premise Microsoft Exchange or compatible email system to Google Apps for Work
  • Move to Hosted Exchange® within our Data Centre
  • Get the best of both with our Exchange Hybrid email offering.

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