Advantages of Managed Anti-Virus

Whenever we bring on a new managed services client who has been previously running their IT on a break-fix model one of the biggest issues we constantly have to address immediately is their Anti-Virus.

Most clients are aware of the importance of having Anti-Virus on their PCs but what we have found is that a lot of clients had no way tracking when their Anti-Virus renewals were due, which machines have been updated with the latest virus definitions, the status of when PCs last ran a scan for malware and viruses, and whether or not any of the machines have been infected. In fact a lot of businesses had purchased retail box products of Anti-Virus software and installed it on machines but haven’t done anything since, letting their original subscriptions lapse.

A managed Anti-Virus solution is a perfect way for any business to have their environment monitored and protected 24x7x365 and not have to worry about it. Outsourcing the management of your anti-virus to an IT Managed Services partner can also mean that your business will be able to benefit from the use of enterprise scale security software for a fraction of the price that your business would pay if you were to purchase it directly yourself.

What to look for when engaging Managed Anti-Virus

When you do outsource the management of your anti-virus there are a couple of things that you should know as a business owner so that you can ensure that you are getting the most appropriate service from your anti-virus provider;

  • Ensure they have flexible terms to pay your anti-virus renewals monthly, quarterly, and annually
  • Ensure that additional anti-virus licenses can be added at any time
  • Ensure that anti-virus support covers all operating systems within your environment
  • Ensure that the provider has reporting of all activity within your environment

While most anti-virus products today also deal with malware threats do not take this for granted, check that the managed anti-virus service that you are subscribing to has this capability. If it doesn’t then you need to ask them how they handle malware threats!

What benefits can I expect from Managed Anti-Virus

Using a managed anti-virus solution you can expect;

  • Simplified and easier management of your anti-virus within your environment
  • Never have to worry again whether your PC’s are up-to-date
  • Anti-virus software generally can’t be un-installed without a special password
  • Can be easily deployed to PC’s remotely without any user intervention
  • updates, system scans, etc.. can all be executed remotely at regular intervals

Every business needs to ensure that they not only have an anti-virus solution but a solution that is easily managed within the business without a huge administrative overhead. Whether your business has an internal IT department or not consider using an IT managed service provider who can design, implement, and support a anti-virus environment for you business, the investment and benefits that you will get in return will be worth the spend.

Contact our sales team on 1300 793 707 to see how our anti-virus solution can protect your business, and relieve the administration overhead of having to manage your current anti-virus solution internally.