6 Ways to minimise your risk of a cyber attack

1. Raise Employee Awareness

Lack of knowledge can leave your business at risk of a cyberattack! It is important to create awareness and advise your team of the risk of cyber-attacks. Inform them of these ways to minimize the risk. A few tips –

  • Employees should avoid using public WiFi as this can often be unsecure
  • Employees should be cautious of opening emails that look phishy and should notify IT immediately should anything suspicious come up

2. Regulary Patch Systems

Patching needs to be done regularly to minimize the risk of cyber-attacks and remove bugs in the system. Your IT team or managed IT provider will be able to implement these patches.

3. Use strong passwords

Smart passwords work well as a secure gateway. The general rule is to include a combination of the below:

  • Upper case
  • Lower case
  • Numbers
  • Special character

Avoid easy combos such as:

  • Abc123
  • Password1
  • YourName
  • CompanyName

And don’t share passwords!

4. Use data encryption

Sensitive information should be protected with data encryption to limit access and provide high protection.

5. Invest in anti-virus software and ensure they are always up to date

Anti-virus software can filter emails and avoid viruses entering your computer.

6. Log-off

It might sound simple, logging-off your computer minimizes the risk.

Did you know?

Survey Details: This survey was conducted by CITE Research on behalf of WatchGuard Technologies. It collected responses from 650 small business owners and IT decision-makers at companies with less than 1,000 employees in the United States, the UK and Australia. The survey was fielded in April and May of 2018. WatchGuard® Technologies, Inc.