Our Why

To create excellence and be a well-known privately owned IT organisation that not only provides IT solutions for our clients, but are also key strategic partners within our client’s businesses. Our team involves the best talent in the industry, our vision is to invest in the best talent so our clients have access to the best IT.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to be strategic IT partners for Small-to-Medium and Enterprise organisations enabling them to deliver IT efficiency within their businesses. We provide IT solutions and management services that are aimed at making in-house IT and resources more efficient and profitable for the business. Our services provide value to our clients and enables them to have their specialized IT resources within the business delivering new strategies and less time focusing on operational activities.

Our Core Values


We have an open policy whether it is our own staff or our clients, we pride ourselves on being open and transparent in all occasions.


Our success is built on the way all our team members can work together. All new team members of Otilas are taught that there is no “I” in teamwork when they are inducted into the organisation. We have a zero tolerance for individuals how chose not to work as part of the team. All team members must also treat colleagues and clients with respect.


We pride ourselves on being an innovative IT solutions partner where we are constantly looking at new technologies and ways that we can use these technologies within our client’s environments to help them gain a competitive edge.


We have an open leadership team who are approachable and who really do care about its staff and clients. Our leadership team is always contactable no matter what time it is, or what the issue is. We understand that the leadership culture of an organisation is important to its success. Without leadership, our team members and clients are unable to see and buy into our vision and mission.


We expect all our team members to take accountability and ownership of their work, this also extends to when we are dealing with our clients. We take full accountability and ownership of our work, we don’t pass the buck with our clients and we don’t make excuses when it comes to not having work delivered.


Our strength is the ability of our team to “make things happen”, our ability to cut through the red tape and act is what enables us to deliver work to our clients faster. Our team members are also our strength; we attract and retain our best talent which is our staff.